Application and Document management of DOT

Application management and processing System for Directorate of Textile (DOT)

Directorate of Textiles (DOT) is mandated to provide service to the textiles & garments sector. To give registration & other textiles & garments related service other than Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA) & Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation (BISIC) regulated textiles & Garments industries i.e private owned textile industries are the function of this directorate.

Directorate of Textiles is going to diminish service seekers harassment and difficulties to get desired services. There are three types of service seekers like investors, students & employees of this directorate. Although DOT officials are enthusiastic to deliver services to service seekers quickly, manual system hinders to deliver preferred service on time. People have to visit several times to the office to get the service. DOT has developed One Stop Service which reduces service receivers’ harassment but are observing that people are still suffering as the number of visits and its’ related costs are still remaining same. To find solution of this issue DOT Innovation Team proposed for a project titled “Online One click Registration & Other service delivery by Department of Textiles by developing an e-centre network using ICT’ to Specialized Investment Fund (SIF) and for awarded the fund. This project is aimed to simplify the work process using ICT and the service seekers will save time, visit & cost (TCV).
To achieve this goal DOT has engaged CNS Limited to develop the system and CNS is currently working on the project which include design, development, deployment, maintenance and operation of a web based system which will have the under mentioned features to facilitate DOT’s requirement.

  1. Receive n type of applications for farther automatic processing along with human intervention and control.
  2. Unicode and Localization support.
  3. Generate SMS and Email notifications at different stages throughout the system.
  4. Generate tracking number against each application to track progress status.
  5. Process the received applications electronically.
  6. Facility to share documents within a number of authorized users.
  7. Role based Access Management.
  8. Facility to declare process flow for application processing.
  9. The system should generate various kinds of relevant reports as per requirement by DoT.
  10. Mobile responsive Interface, RTI compliant and interoperable with Bangladesh National Portal Framework
  11. SSL inclusion and SEO enabled.
  12. Arrange Online Payment Gateway integration solution.