Call Center Management of BTCL

Managed Service for Development, Deployment, Operation of Customer Service (Call Center), Human Resource and Inventory Management of Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Limited (BTCL)

The contract for solution of Customer Service Management, Inventory Management and Human Resource Management for Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Limited. The state owned Telecommunication Company which is the only company in Bangladesh has country wide land line based digital telephony system along with Cellular Telephony System. CNS Limited has established E1 Connectivity; Virtual Private Network (VPN) based Wide Area Network (WAN) within all Division Engineer Offices of BTCL. In this Phase CNS Limited has also supplied and configured required number of workstations, servers (Application Server, Database Server, Backup Server IVR Server, Web Media Server and SMS Server. This system uses Oracle 11g RDBMS, implemented on n-Tier Architecture ensuring OLTP and high availability of data at user ends with the Java (J2K) Platform. CNS Limited was engaged as the call centre operator on 24/7 basis for the work.

Along the contract lifecycle CNS Limited has carried out the following tasks :
System Study, System Analysis, Design, Software Development, Data entry and processing, Prepare the Report, Data Checking, Call centre Management with Computer Telephony Integration for BTCL’s Customer Service, Human Resource and Inventory Management Software Implementation and Maintenance.