Online Vehicle Registration System

iPay is a time saver for Road Transport Regulatory Authority’s clients or Car Dealers as you don’t need to stand in queue for payment in Bank. Payment can be done from home/office

It is hassle free as user/ Car Dealer can view their car information and due payment by seating at home.

As iPay system is integrated with Vehicle Registration System, car owners do not need to do bank payment by going to the bank and afterwards to the Regulatory Authority’s office personally. If car owner use iPay system, then they have to just go to the preferable bank branch to collect the Tax Token after payment.

For vehicle/car registration respective car dealers fill up required car information using iPay, which eliminates the error prone of typing or any other mistakes so car information remains accurate and authentic.

The Authority’s inspector also uses iPay for registration approval so car dealer get real time notification without any delay.

Monitoring of registration application is much easier as every stake holder can view pending applications easily on their dashboard. Thus, if any application kept pending for a long time can be identified so customer may demand clarification regarding delay.