VPN Based Nationwide Network

The Network Operation Center
The Network Operation Center is the center of network operation and monitoring network assets of CNS Limited. The core of the network interconnectivity and interoperability is controlled from NOC. CNS Limited has vast experience in building, sustaining and managing an efficient, right-sized and state-of-the-art NOC for its projects including Collection of MV Taxes and Fees and Computerized Seat Reservation and Ticketing System.

The Nationwide Network Backbone
In today’s circumstances, providing network across Bangladesh with a single network node is next to impossible. The backbone of CNS Limited’s network stands tall with 4 Trunc Nodes covering Northern (Rajshahi), Eastern (Sylhet & Chittagong), Central (Lalmatia, Kamalapur, Banani and Airport) and Southern (Khulna) interconnected in central node at NOC in Lalmatia, Dhaka. In some cases list mile connectivity is provided by a sub service provider ISP who maintains a fairly sized fiber optic network from the POP (Point of Presence) to the client end. The Compliance Team monitors and manages the SLA with the sub service providers and issues are monitored by the Network Support Team. CNS Limited’s FON Team also provides last mile connectivity to critical locations sensitive for operation. In all cases, redundant connectivity is provided from two separate routes to ensure minimum downtime in case a fiber is down. The core backbone of the network operates on a mechanism called MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) where networks are labeled and the routers pick the correct route through the spanning tree protocol (STP) proprietary to Cisco Products.

Service Coverage
CNS Limited has a working network spanning across 64 districts of Bangladesh. Currently the nationwide backbone is being used for Collection of Motor Vehicle Taxes and Fees through Online Banking System for Bangladesh Road Transport Authority. Since Online Banking requires significant network security, the backbone and its components are 100% secured vide VPN and other topologies. CNS Limited makes use of the same network backbone for its all its operations.