About Us

Computer Network Systems Limited is a global software development company headquartered in Asia that combines state-of-the-art technology and innovative techniques to deliver cost-effective products, services, and solutions. CNS has a long history in delivering critical projects on a national scale with an approach to software development that puts the needs our clients first.

Holding multiple professional certifications including ISO 45001, ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and CMMI Level 5 among others, you can be safe in the knowledge that CNS is an accredited, distinguished and reliable software development partner.

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Over the past three decades, CNS has rapidly grown into the premier software provider in Bangladesh and a leading provider in the wider region. The CNS team includes over 1,000 employees who are involved in more than 150 projects across multiple industries and sectors.

Through our network of partners and clients around the globe, we aim to deliver leading technological solutions at a competitive price.

A successful history, a brighter future

Founded in 1992 by a small group of entrepreneurs, CNS has almost 30 years of experience in delivering a range of software projects across government and the private sector. From these humble beginnings, CNS has expanded from its three founders to become first Bangladesh's, and then one of South Asia’s, leading software development firms. On this journey, CNS has successfully delivered a wide range of projects that span many different sectors such as infrastructure, finance, and security. Some of our flagship projects include Bangladesh's Vehicle Registration System for the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority, Bangladesh Railway's Online Ticketing System and a modern Online Advance Income Tax and VAT Collection System for Bangladesh's National Board of Revenue as well as a major port automation programme at Chittagong Port.

The future of CNS is brighter still. In 2021, CNS will be launching Bangladesh’s first private sector, fully certified Tier 4 Data Centre for both private and public sector clients. This advanced facility will allow CNS to provide unhindered, secure, and reliable server access to our clients and partners worldwide. All the while we are proud to pioneer innovative new technologies that are helping to drive our clients forward toward their goals.

Going forward, CNS is proud to be delivering market leading solutions across the Globe with an ever-expanding network of partners firms who help us to provide dedicated in country support for our products and services. CNS's cost-effective technologies are developed by certified CMMi Level 5 developers, guaranteeing high-quality products, services, and solutions worldwide.

Our Ethos

People are at the center of Computer Network Systems and everything it does. CNS understands the importance of putting people first, whether they be employees, clients, or our communities. Within CNS, there is a culture of honesty and respect where each employee is valued. Outside of the office, CNS is committed to meeting the highest standards for its clients. Beyond merely providing technology, CNS works closely with its partners to ensure that their software products, services, and solutions are optimised to meet their needs. Cost-efficiency, ease-of-use and longevity are at the core of CNS' efforts to ensure all its clients are satisfied.

Furthermore, CNS recognises its social responsibilities go beyond business. To this end, CNS is committed to supporting the social, environmental, and economic welfare of the wider community.