At CNS we are proud to continue delivering leading software solutions to our international client base worldwide. To ensure that we deliver comprehensive and accessible services, CNS has established a global network of offices to provide support to our partners and clients around the world.

  •    Dhaka, Bangladesh

    With CNS tracing its roots back to a small front office in Dhaka almost 30 years ago, it is no wonder that this vibrant city remains at the heart of our company. As the home of our new Global Development Centre (GDC), Dhaka hosts much of CNS’ state-of-the-art software development facilities. The GDC boasts some of the most modern software development apparatus in Southern Asia and will soon host the first privately owned Tier 4 Data Centre in Bangladesh.

    As the hub of CNS’ software services, the Dhaka GDC is well equipped with a vast array of resources to meet the demands of 21st century software development. State of the art office facilities are designed to enhance the capabilities of our skilled team with equipment, facilities and amenities befitting of a leading software company. Furthermore, disaster recovery and data backup systems are in place to secure the integrity of the GDC.

    Owing to the scale of CNS’ facilities in Bangladesh, the GDC in Dhaka manages over 1,000 CNS Professionals across Bangladesh. The advanced facilities and positive working environment at the GDC have allowed us to attract some of the best talent in Bangladesh’s booming software industry. Thanks to the comprehensive scope and large scale of the Global Development Centre, our staff located in Dhaka can work on major software development projects from around the world. This expansive facility gives CNS the capacity to support domestic and international clients with forward-thinking, cost-effective software products, services and solutions.

  •    Toronto, Canada

    CNS’ North American Headquarters are located at the offices of CNS Canada in Toronto, Ontario. Here CNS has a dedicated staff team who help provide services to our network of clients and partners in the Americas, Europe, and Africa. On site project management and implementation teams have played a key role in projects across the region and stand ready to assist new and existing clients.

    CNS Canada also leads CNS’s outsourcing elements, providing an onshore or nearshore branch for clients looking to attain cost effective yet high quality software outcomes that have been outsourced to the GDC at CNS in Bangladesh. Founded in 2021 and expanded in 2022 CNS in Toronto will be further expanded and strengthened in 2023 to ensure our continued trusted delivery to our ever- growing list of clients and partners.

  •    London, United Kingdom

    Our UK office is focused on providing support to our partners and clients across Europe. The United Kingdom remains a centre for innovation and CNS has established strong working relationships with several partners from our base in the UK. As we take on more international projects, our UK office works to strengthen these ties by liaising with our British and European partners and clients on projects across the region.

    As CNS expands our global BPO services, our UK office will function as a conduit between outsourcing partners in Europe and our software development teams at the Global Development Centre in Bangladesh.

  •    Singapore, Singapore

    Our Singapore office serves as a link between our partners in The Garden City and our software development teams at the Global Development Center in Bangladesh.

  •    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    The Kuala Lumpur office connects us to our partners and clients in the city and across Malaysia. Through this office, we work closely with partners in the country to deliver projects to clients globally.