Government Revenue Collection Systems

CNS' Government Revenue Collection Systems (GRCS) are specialised software solutions for government partners worldwide. The systems are bespoke to meet the individual needs of specific government departments. However, CNS recognises the importance of efficiency at a governmental level and develops its GRCS' with cross-functionality in mind.

The most expansive GRCS designed, developed, and operated by CNS thus far is the Bangladesh National Board of Revenues Advanced Income Tax and VAT Collection System. Purpose-built for the NBR, this innovative revenue collection solution has already revolutionised digital tax collection in Bangladesh. By amalgamating all data into a centralised software system, CNS' solution has streamlined the digital tax collection process in Bangladesh. Users paying into the GRCS can now make payments into a single and easy to use system, significantly improving the reliability and consistency of payments. The ease of use has led to a significant rise in online tax and VAT payments across Bangladesh since the Board implemented the solution.

The results could not be more apparent. CNS' Revenue Collection System has seen the Board's annual revenue from online Advanced Income Tax and VAT collection leap from TK.25 Crore - or $2,900,000 in 2010 - to TK.1,500 Crore - or $176,483,000. The Government Revenue Collection System is CNS' innovative solution for government's looking to strengthen their digital revenue streams.