As one of our flagship Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) products, the Modern Computerized Toll Management System (MCTMS), represents some of the most effective revenue collection software that CNS has to offer. In operation at over 40 toll booths CNS’ MCTMS is a real-time, web-based system with a proven track record of minimising revenue system losses whilst maximising the collection efficiency of any toll booth.

The MCTMS comes with the following industry leading modules in-built

  • Automated Vehicle Identification and Classification System

    Utilizing a combination of cameras, weigh scales and cutting-edge RFID technology the system is able to detect, identify and classify incoming vehicles. This allows the MCTMS to calculate expected charges for each vehicle passing through the toll facility. In the event that the collected amount from a shift does not match the expected amount calculated by the system then the system administrators will be automatically flagged; helping to identify and reduce revenue systems losses.

  • Automated Lane Management and Lane Processing System

    The Lane Management and Lane Processing Systems ease congestion at toll locations by using a combination of tools that help to identify peak times, heavy traffic, and the proportional distribution of vehicle types across different times. Furthermore, toll lanes can be designated as RFID lanes only, providing motorists with RFID chips with a fast track ‘cashless’ lane which both incentives motorists to use RFID systems, such as Touch and Go, as well as helping to further reduce congestion at the toll location. All of these tools and more allow the MCTMS to designate lanes for in the most effective manner.

  • Toll Charging System

    Above all the key objective of any Toll System is the effective collection of revenue. To that end the several features are in built including allowing MCTMS operators to rapidly change toll fee brackets, with the updated charges being uploaded and online within an hour. Furthermore, the auditing and Vault Management Systems allow for accurate tracking and reconciling of collected funds, preventing unexpected revenue loss.

  • Integrated Inline Weigh Scale Management System

    The integrated Inline Weigh Scale Management System is an inbuilt module in the MCTMS These are special toll booths where move-in weigh scales are setup just before enter-exit loop of the booth and the vehicle first passes through the entering loop and then gradually all its axles proceed towards the exit loop of the move-in motion weigh scale, which has a set of load cells. The scale returns the data directly to the toll terminal system and the vehicle identification and classification module is triggered automatically to determine the vehicle registration number and the automated toll charging module determines the toll and weight-fine of the vehicle as set by the MCTMS operator. This system can also be linked to standalone weigh scale that is not adjacent to the toll booth, for example at ports or industrial facilities, to achieve the same results.

  • Stack Yard Management System

    The Stack Yard Management System is a simple Charging System Interface integrated with MCTMS to keep track of entry-exit events of a vehicle at stack yard’s and charge a nominal amount set by the relevant stack yard authority to collect revenue from stack yards in cash. Currently, the system is being used at the East and West Ends of Bangabandhu Bridge Weigh Stations.

  • Touch & Go System with Bank Sales/Top Up Interface and SMS Messaging

    The Touch and Go system combine state-of-the-art RFID technology with the MCTMS to allow users to pay in advance and pass through unimpeded. Touch and Go users can use their RFID Cards to pre-pay tolls in advance, allowing for them to pass through booths by simply raising their card to the reader. Furthermore, RFID cards can be connected with the user's smartphone, relaying information about balance, payments, and allowing for top-ups by the user.

  • Vault Management System with Shift Reconciliation and Bank Reimbursement System

    The Vault Management System is an integrated system residing in the central server where shift deposits are recorded and entered into the system. The Vault Management System utilizes Shift Reconciliation and Bank Reimbursement Systems to transfer collected revenue securely, transparently, and accurately to the correct accounts, preventing system losses and securing the integrity of collected funds. Additionally, the system uses cash-in and cash-out systems to maintain the balances of the vault across various toll plazas. As such these tools provide an insight into toll accounts and produces cash flow statements at top levels to exert performance charts and collection statistics.

  • MIS Reporting and Auditing System with onsite Counter Surveillance Cameras

    The MCTMSs MIS Reporting and Auditing modules work to provide 24/7 real time tracking of every aspect of the revenue collection process. Onsite cameras monitor both toll operators, tracking their activity, as well as vehicles and, in some cases, we have even employed vehicle recognition cameras where our software will calculate the due amount therefore allowing the system to check that the amount collected matches the calculated amount due. Additionally the MIS Reporting Systems and the inbuilt Auditing Tools provide operators, and third-party auditors, the ability to collect accurate, up to date reports and account of all activities across the entirety of the toll collection system.

RFID Readers

The MCTMS has several additional features designed to improve the experience of both operators and motorists, such as the RFID long range system. CNS often works with clients and partners to issue long range windshield RFID Tags that can be detected by long range RFID readers at toll locations. Vehicles outfitted with such tags can pass through specified Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) lanes without having to slow down. In Bangladesh, CNS works alongside the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority to roll out RFID windshield tags for the MCTMS. This has led to an increase in toll collection revenues as well as a decline in congestion.

Proven Record In Revenue Collection

Currently CNS operates over 40 Toll Booths using the MCTMS and the results of implementing this market leading software speak for themselves:

With a proven record in delivering efficient, modern, and secure software products, you can trust CNS and the Modern Computerized Toll Management System to deliver results at any and all of your toll collection facilities. Additionally adaptability and flexibility are an integral part of the MCTMS’ design. Within 48 hours, technicians from CNS can install the system and have it ready to operate at any toll booth, anywhere, anytime.