CNS is pleased to announce the launch of the CNS Trusted Partner Network (TPN) for the delivery of IT Applications in key development markets. By partnering with leading firms in some of our key international markets such as Malawi, Tanzania, The Gambia, Ethiopia and others CNS is able to align our products and solutions with crucial local knowledge helping create a tailored approach that ensures project success.

The TPN is an association of companies who have become accredited CNS partners in their respective marketplaces and with whom we work closely to deliver Digital Transformation. This partnership is particularly effective when working to deliver IT Solutions for Government or large Non-Government Organisations. Building upon our extensive experience as a service provider for Digital Bangladesh over the last 30 years and pairing that institutional knowledge with our partners market understanding we are able to deliver E-Government solutions across key sectors.

If you are interested in joining CNS TPN please do not hesitate to contact us.