Today CNS celebrates three decades of delivery as we turn thirty. Founded on the 17th of November 1992 by a small group of young friends with a vision to digitalize their community, CNS’ horizons and vision has grown many times over in the following decades. Finding our feet in a rapidly changing Bangladesh during the 1990’s our goal as a company morphed from the local community to the national community and now beyond. In these early years we delivered a range of services, solutions, and products for business across the country which served as the footprint for our transition into delivering E-Government solutions.

Starting in the early 2000’s CNS began delivering for Government with solutions and systems such as the CTRS ticketing system for Bangladesh Railway, Online Library Management Systems for BCSIR and Utility Billing Systems for a range of clients. Over the following decade we continued to snowball our successful track record of delivery in the Public Sector by rolling out a range of billing systems for local government and education systems for national bodies. Our first truly nationwide delivery however came in 2010, with the design, development, and implementation of the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority’s (BRTA) Motor Vehicle Taxes and Fee Collection through Online Banking. This system, a flagship project of the world-renowned Digital Bangladesh initiative, delivered substantial revenue increases for the BRTA and was so successful that it was followed by the implementation of a nationwide vehicle registration system in 2011. Today these solutions have been further developed to the point that they represent one of the most comprehensive Government Roads Authority management and revenue collection systems in the world.

This national experience informed further projects, such as the hugely successful role out of the MCTMS Toll Solution from 2014, as well as other government management and revenue systems over the 2010’s at a range of different governmental levels. In 2019 all of this culminated in the delivery of the Port Management Information Systems (PMIS) for Chittagong Port Authority as CNS modernized and automated more than 50 modules and systems at the port. By the time of this implementation CNS had already begun the construction of The CNS Tower, a state-of-the-art facility designed to be the cornerstone of an international delivery network for world leading software solutions built with Bangladeshi Expertise.

With such a strong heritage behind us, and holding some of the highest global standards, we are proud to have started the 2020’s with the beginning of our international expansion. With CNS now delivering projects in markets as varied as the UK, Bangladesh, and Ethiopia, and with partnerships across Africa, Europe and North America CNS is hard at work to deliver Digital Transformation around the world.

As CNS turns 30, and with the upcoming opening of the CNS Tower, we look forward to continuing to expand our service offering to an ever-increasing list of markets over the next 30 years.