As we continue to export the success of Digital Bangladesh to the global market and utilize our extensive experience to deliver transformative change for our clients and partners CNS can today announce it has invested in a further expansion of our global network, this time with the establishment of a CNS Team in Canada.

The objective of this expansion is to establish a 24-hour global service coverage. With the time zones of Bangladesh and Canada sitting at a half day difference the presence of teams in both locations allows a ‘relay’ style coverage whereby one office is always online to provide support and service to our clients. In this way when the CNS Global Development Centre at the CNS Tower comes online later this year not only will our clients be able to enjoy a substantial capacity in terms of development facilities, but they will also be assured 24 hours support no matter where in the world they are based.

Additionally, this team will further the expansion of CNS’ partner network in both North and South America as we build upon our successful partnerships in this region. If you want to learn more about the team and our various global offices please do not hesitate to contact us.