With almost 30 years of experience in delivering high-quality and cost-efficient software to the Bangladesh and South Asian markets, CNS is now branching out into the growing markets of Africa. With almost 1.4 billion people spread across 54 independent countries, Africa represents one of the most exciting developing markets in the World. High growth rates, a dynamic population and rapidly evolving markets are driving an explosion in economic activity which in turn is generating new opportunities.

This long-planned expansion by CNS will take place in phases, with each phase been targeted in specific countries based on extensive research and preparation. To succeed in this endeavour, CNS has partnered with regional companies in various nations, who are bringing their valuable insight and expertise, to help us deliver innovative software products, services and solutions across the continent.

CNS is already perusing published projects with Aleka Holdings Limited and ESK Global Consulting in Tanzania and Zambia respectively. Elsewhere, CNS has also began exploring opportunities with local partners in Nigeria, the largest African economy – worth $442.976 billion in GDP terms – and most populous nation in Africa.

We look forward to working with partners, clients and citizens from various African nations to deliver forward-thinking software across the continent in the near future.