In January 2023 we were proud to inaugurate The CNS Tower, CNS’ purpose built state-of-the-art 14 floor development centre. With ground first broken in 2018 the beginning of operations in January, initially limited to the first two completed floors, was a big moment. Since instigating operations at The CNS Tower more and more floors have steadily been completed, with over half the facility including our in-house Data and Disaster Centre (built to Tier 4 standards), as well as additional development floors, now completed and in operation.

Built with market leading infrastructure from renowned manufacturers, reinforced with extensive physical and cyber security measures The CNS Tower is designed to be a premier destination for software development. At full capacity, over two shifts, this extensive facility can accommodate over 1000 CNS developers, engineers, and technicians per day as they provide services to our ever-growing footprint of global clients. Beyond IT Workstations and the Data Centre, The CNS Tower hosts training rooms, conferencing facilities, as well as a support facility that includes a 90-seat call centre, providing 24 hour, 365 days a year, round the clock support for our valued clients.

Furthermore, the changes to The CNS Tower over the year have not been limited to the interior alone, outside the building the final fixtures have been installed as we round off the unique design of this iconic building. CNS is now proud to welcome clients and partners from around the world to The CNS Tower and we look forward to providing an ever-expanding range of excellent services to our trusted clients.

 The CNS Tower: a global software development destination.