In 2021, CNS became the first private company to establish an in-house tier 4 data centre in Bangladesh. This facility will allow CNS to offer the most secure, reliable and consistent software management services in the Country whilst also enabling further international growth.

What is a Tier 4 Data Centre?

A Tier 4 Data Centre is the pinnacle of modern data management facilities. These advanced facilities offer the most reliable and secure data management services currently available. To be classified as a tier 4 facility, a data centre must possess a range of security features including:

  •    96-hour power outage protection

    The facility must be able to sustain itself on its power for at least 96 hours in case of a major electrical outage.

  •    Zero single points of failure.

    A single outage or failure cannot cause the entire facility to shut down. Each process and date protection stream must have redundancies in place to prevent this.

  •    Less than 26.3 minutes of downtime annually.

    The downtime does not impact any customer-facing operations and exists to allow for optimised mechanical operations.

  •    99.995% uptime annually.

    To achieve a tier 4 status, this level of uptime must be achieved and maintained.

  •    A fully redundant system.

    All the system’s hardware is backed up to ensure complete reliability.

Tier 4 data centres are designed for efficiency and possess the most expansive site infrastructure of any data centre. Servers in these facilities are kept in secure and well-managed locations to extend the lifespan of the hardware. Climate control is also integrated into the system to increase the efficiency of the entire system. A Tier 4 Data Centre is a must for any international technological enterprise.

How will the Tier 4 Data Centre benefit our clients?

CNS’ new data centre will offer our clients data security that unavailable elsewhere in Bangladesh. The power outage protection offered by the new facility will ensure that our client’s data is not affected by blackouts, shortages or natural disasters. Cyclones cause extensive damage to electrical infrastructure and can cause outages that last for days. Therefore, the importance of the 96-hour backup supply to our clients cannot be overstated and will help keep CNS’s data centre online during even the most destructive storms.

Our clients will also benefit from the increased efficiency provided by the new tier 4 data facility. With virtually no downtime, our servers will be operational indefinitely. The optimised environmental controls in the centre will also offer vastly improved efficiency when compared to less advanced facilities. CNS’ new Tier 4 Data Centre is a sign of our commitment to providing the most efficient data management systems well into the foreseeable future.