MIS Solutions

CNS has extensive experience in delivering Management Information System (MIS) solutions for governmental, semi-governmental and commercial partners. CNS' MIS solutions incorporate innovative software and hardware technologies to support organizational decision making and coordination.

For the Department of Cooperatives (DOC), CNS reimagined and modernized their digital platforms. Previously, the DOC used an archaic static website developed with HTML languages. Whilst functional, this platform did not meet customer demands for more interactive, accessible digital content. CNS developed a new web-facing portal for the DOC's customers to provide users with easier document downloads, interactive digital kiosks, and informational presentations. The MIS solution created for the DOC is still operated and maintained by CNS and serves at the Department's primary external portal.

Similarly, CNS developed a Management Information System for the Directorate of Textiles (DOT). The DOT required a MIS that allowed their client's unhindered access to their services online. CNS expanded on this brief to deliver a comprehensive, intuitive, and easy-to-use system. As part of the project, CNS' engineers created mobile responsive interfaces, role-based access management and online payment gateways for the DOT. The MIS is SEO enabled to enhance accessibility and can generate regular system reports for the DOT.

These two systems exemplify the diversity, ingenuity, and effectiveness of CNS' MIS solutions.