RFID Smart Card System

The Radio-frequency identification (RFID) Smart Card System developed by CNS is an exciting product designed to keep people on the go.

Working with our Modern Computerized Toll Management System (MCTMS), CNS' Smart Cards will increase the efficiency of a toll booth whilst also improving the experience of users significantly.

CNS' specialized long-range RFID reader will be able to detect a vehicle by picking up its RFID tag. With this information, our system will communicate with the local vehicle registration database and identify the vehicle type and ownership information.

Our MCTMS system can then charge an appropriate toll and allow the vehicle to travel on unimpeded. Following this, the MCTMS will notify the user of any exchange via an SMS message and can even offer additional updates on balance and top-ups for the Smart Card.

By implementing our innovative Smart Card System and MCTMS products, any toll booth will see a significant improvement in efficiency, profitability and customer satisfaction.