Maintenance and Support Services

To extend the lifespan of hardware and software products, proper maintenance services are a must. CNS recognises the importance of post-purchase services for our clients and offers a range of maintenance and technical support services to ensure that our customers remain satisfied with our products, services and solutions.

Our maintenance team are software specialists. They provide troubleshooting and network management services to identify the cause of software malfunctions. As trained software engineers, our team can produce fixes quickly: saving our clients’ money and ensuring they can get back to work as soon as possible.

The maintenance department is also well equipped to handle hardware malfunctions. CNS maintains an extensive collection of spare parts, components and collectables in case of a hardware failure at any of our or our client’s facilities.

CNS’ maintenance and support services are available on-call and can respond to technical emergencies at short notice. As a company, CNS is committed to ensure the satisfaction of our clients long after they have purchased any of our goods, services or solutions.