At CNS, data storage, validation and management are at the core of what we do. These essential services are integral for the day-to-day operations of most businesses worldwide and so the importance of having the best quality services cannot be overstated. CNS offers high-quality and cost-effective data services that will allow you to realise the potential of your data.


Data storage has been around in one form or another since ancient times. However, following the digital revolution, almost all stored information worldwide has shifted onto a digital format. Therefore, having a reliable and safe place to store data digitally is more important than ever for businesses, governments and individuals everywhere.

At CNS, we offer secure data storage services for our clients and partners. Furthermore, our new Tier 4 Data Centre will guarantee the security of our clients’ data from system faults, power outages and hardware malfunctions. Furthermore, our servers are located in a secure facility to ensure they remain safe from unauthorised tampering or damage. Our data storage services will give you easy access to your data whilst protecting it from digital and physical security threats.


To ensure that data is usable and clear, CNS performs data validation services for all our clients who make use of our data services. Data validation is an integral step in checking the validity, integrity and clarity of data before it is inputted into different software. After all, what good is data if it is unusable?

CNS’ data validation processes are in line with industry standards and will ensure that data going through our system complies with any quality or safety requirements before being inputted. We provide several different validation processes depending on the scale and complexity of the data. Additionally, our service provides post-validation actions depending on the outcome of the validation process.


Data management is an integral service that we offer at CNS. As a software development company, we have years of experience in developing, implementing and administering data management systems. Data management is essential in that it allows users to realise the full potential of their data. Ease of access and efficiency are other significant benefits that our data management services provide.

The advantages of using a quality data management system are as numerous as they are beneficial. Beyond the improved access to and exploitation of collected data, our systems offer clients better quality data through efficiency and quality of life improvements. Ultimately, our data management services give our clients confidence that their data is well looked after.