Software Development Services

Founded in 1992, CNS has over 30 years of experience in delivering a wide range of software projects around the world including projects that were of critical importance to our client’s success. As a member of the Microsoft Partner Network and an Oracle Gold Partner holding CMMi Level 5 accreditation, along with ISO 45000, ISO 27001, ISO 20000 and ISO 9001 certification, we have a proud track record of developing products and solutions to the highest international standards. Furthermore, with over 700 dedicated professional members of CNS staff, as well as the extensive state-of-the-art facilities at the CNS Tower, we have the logistical, administrative, and technical abilities to undertake software programs anywhere in the world.

Our team has built software for governmental and commercial partners across the world and continues to expand into new markets. CNS’ development projects are as diverse as our partners and our software engineers have provided software for private enterprises, e-commerce platforms, international institutions and Governments. Our software development services are a tried and tested approach to meeting our client’s digital demands.

Whilst our software development portfolio is diverse, our tried and tested methodology towards software development remains consistent. CNS has the capacity to develop a large number of software services, from our existing products and solutions through to new applications we work across a range of languages as well as a variety of technology stacks to ensure market leading outcomes. We invite you to speak with one of our specialist consultants to assess your Digital Transformation needs today.

Our Methodology

Our approach to developing software is comprehensive and methodical. We work closely with our partners through the whole process to deliver a complete final product that meets their needs. Starting with research and analysis, our teams understand the necessity of the software they produce and how best to optimise it with existing infrastructure to deliver a successful service.

Thorough planning, implementation and testing are essential steps our engineers take to ensure that our software services deliver the best results. The development teams at CNS are experienced with [modelling language(s)] when going through the software design phase. Software testing services are also integrated into our development strategy to eliminate bugs and maximise customer satisfaction with the final product.

Ultimately, our software development services are orientated towards delivering the highest quality software for our clients at a competitive price. We understand that the importance of well-considered, functional and cost-effective software cannot be overstated. The entire team at CNS works together with clients and partners to ensure that our software meets these standards.