CNS Limited's Human Resource Management Systems

  •    Applicable to a wide range of organisations, businesses, or government departments.

  •    Oracle 11g database technology ensures all transactions are secure.

  •    The Human Resource Management Systems can be installed within 24 hours.

CNS’ Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is a 21st-Century approach to Human Resource (HR) management. This innovative system can be applied to almost any organisation, designed adaptively to be able to respond to a range of HR situations, and will drastically improve organisational efficiency whilst reducing unnecessary overheads.

Be it payroll management, employee data storage or tracking employee competence and attendance matrices, CNS’ Human Resource Management System can help streamline the human resource department of any organisation.

The HRMS has already seen success at many organisations, notably at the Chittagong Port Authority, one of the largest and busiest ports in South Asia, where our comprehensive system has amalgamated several vital elements of HR into a single piece of software – greatly improving the efficiency of the ports HR activities.

HRMS Modules

  •    The HR-MAP Module

    The HRMS automates key HR management activities allowing for more streamlined management and easier administration by providing easy to use, transparent tools that bring together different processes into a single streamlined portal. This portal, the HR Management and Administration Portal (HR-MAP), contains the key functionalities required for your organisation to manage, administer, and plan its HR operations in a single location.

  •    Payroll Module

    HRMS tracks employee pay, calculates outgoings based on planned raises as well as reductions as well as crucially tracking both overtime and absences. By automating the process, it allows for the easy tracking of employee pay and the calculation of overheads as it gives a precise view of your past, present and future overheads. Employees can put in requests for raises, or overtime notices which will convert into tickets for the HR team to process, automatically informing the employee of the outcome when they have done so.

  •    Time, Attendance and Leave Management Modules

    Working in conjunction with other modules, including the Payroll Module, the Time, Attendance and Leave Management Modules provides a one stop location for managing employee attendance. Employees can enter requests for leave into the system for the HR team to process, whilst the software flags potential attendance issues for review. From sick leave and annual leave to late attendance and overtime, this module provides the tools required to manage the work hours of employees across your organisation.

  •    Staff Recruitment, Retainment, Assignment and Reassignment Module

    Whether your organisation is planning an expansion, looking to reallocate staff to a new project or minimise labour turnover the HRMS provides you with a range of functionalities to meet these needs. The recruitment system allows you to manage the whole process of hiring, from posting vacancies to collating interview scores and feedback for the recruiters review whilst the retainment feature helps to minimise the labour turnover of valuable staff. On the flip side, easy to use systems help assign or reassign staff as needed, sending them an automated notification of their new assignment and what responsibilities it entails, the option existing for the employees to submit queries about their assignment which the HR team can answer.

  •    Learning Management System, Training and Career Development Module

    The development of individual employees’ careers and learning is arguably one of the most important roles of any HR department. The HMRS hosts a system by which both employers as well as employees can register both career targets and personal development goals. The metrics by which progress towards these goals are tracked can be customized to suit the specific goal, providing a dynamism absent in many standard HR software systems. Furthermore, the system allows for the scheduling of training programmes, either as group training sessions or individual ones.

  •    Employee Tracking, Performance Management and Appraisal Module

    As well as following the individual goals set for employees the HRMS also provides a platform for appraisal management and performance tracking. This allows the HR team to provide fair, reflective assessments on deliverable progression by employees whilst also providing insightful data on productivity and performance for the team to process.

  •    Employee Benefits, Support and Grievance Handling Module

    The HMRS Benefit, Support and Grievance Handling system provides HR Managers a single location from which to review all outstanding matters. Employees can submit tickets through the system requesting support or reporting grievances which will then be reviewed by the team. The employee portal allows the employees to track the progress of their tickets, providing transparency in how their ticket is being processed. HR Managers can also assign benefits and perks for employees based on the data collected by the HRMS, creating a balanced and fair incentive system.

  •    Auditing, Monitoring and Reporting Module

    CNS enjoys a long history in implementing auditing, monitoring, and reporting technologies, with our MIS system working across a whole range of organisations from whole government departments to small local offices. Based on this extensive experience, we have implemented robust procedures into the HRMS to allow your organisation to audit and monitor its activity with an effective reporting system.

CNS Technology

The HMRS works in tandem with Oracle 11G Database technology to ensure that all information is secure. The HRMS can be configured to be fully compliant with the resident data protection laws that your organisation operates under. Robust systems protect data integrity, keeping personal as well as other information safe and secure. CNS’ expertise in data management and analysis has also been translated into the HRMS with tools provided to help properly store and archive data collected. Our developers operate at ISO 27001 and as such our systems are designed with to uphold the highest level of Information Security Management.

The HRMS itself is robust system, built to CMMi Level 5 standards, that has been specifically designed with the complex requirements of large corporate and government organisations in mind. Like all of our products it's possible for the HRMS to be purchased, installed and fully operational in within 24 hours, ensuring that your organisation can enjoy the benefits of using our innovative system almost immediately.