Understanding data can give businesses, organisations and governments invaluable insights into almost any subject. However, breaking datasets down and making sense of the often-vast quantities of information is no easy task. Whilst the data analysis process is long and complex, an insightful final product is vital to making well-informed business decisions.

CNS’ data shaping and analysis services work extensively with our partners to help them understand their data sets. Our data analysts have extensive experience in turning raw data into tangible and beneficial information for business and governmental partners.

Data Shaping

Constructing data models is an integral part of data analysis. Using models is one of the most effective methods used by analysts to understand data requirements and support business processes. The process is challenging and time-consuming. Whilst it is a valuable endeavour for most large businesses, there are ways in which data modelling can be better optimised.

Data shaping is a profoundly simple process where analysts consolidate raw data before assembling it into a data model. By shaping data in this way, analysts can optimise the material and enhance the final data models. Therefore, the final product is more resilient, resizable and reusable. Data shaping will improve your data modelling and business intelligence outcomes.
CNS offers data shaping services to its clients and partner to help them make the most of their data models. Our veteran analysts can use a variety of techniques to shape the best service for your business.

Data Analysis

In addition to data shaping, CNS also offers a range of other data analysis services. Data analysis is integral for understanding valuable information and supporting strategic decision making. Therefore, using experienced data analysts is key to getting the most out of your datasets.

Data analysis is a lengthy process that starts at collection. Raw data is then processed, cleaned and modelled into an algorithm to identify relationships within the dataset. These relationships are the most vital elements of the original dataset and form the basis for the final data product. A strong final data product is vital as these findings will influence business planning and decision making.

CNS’ analysts have experience performing high-level data analysis for business and governments. Our team can work through every stage of the process and construct bespoke models to help our clients uncover invaluable information from their datasets.