Inventory Management (IM) System

The CNS Inventory Management (IM) system is the product of over a decade of technological evolution as we strive to meet the requirements and needs of our clients. Implemented for railways, at major ports, in large organisations with extensive requirements the CNS IM has been designed with flexibility and adaptability in mind. From small businesses to large multinational and government organisations the CNS IM is designed to be configured to your requirements.

The system will give your organisation full visibility into, and control over the flow of, goods and assets across your company. The system will help you to manage global supply networks following a just-in-time philosophy to ensure maximum efficiency. A focus on improving customer satisfaction, decreasing service costs and optimizing service levels ensures that this system is designed to meet your requirements.

Furthermore, integration with CNS Reporting Technology allows users, on a roles-based access set by admin, to access real time reports about the status of your inventories and supply chains. These reports can be exported into a range of formats such as excel, pdf and other common Office formats.

The CNS IM can also be implemented as a part of the wider CNS ERP suite.

IM Modules

Store Management

  • Store Setup
  • Asset in/out

Item Management

  • Item, Category, Property Setup
  • Item Unit Setup
  • Reorder Level Setup
  • Price Setup
  • Stock Ledger Report
  • Inventory Report
  • MRR

The IM system also allows the management of inventories through a Library system. This system provides tools for:
  • Stock In
  • System will provide facility to stock in of books
  • Stock-In Date
  • Book Details
  • Quantity
  • Stock Out
  • System will provide facility to stock out of books
  • Stock Balance
  • System will provide facility to provide Book wise stock balance

There are different types of reports available from the inventory management system. These reports can be parameterized, and report fields can be customized as per needs. Common reports are:
  • Stock summary report
  • Ongoing activity report
  • Location/Regional-wise stock report
  • Item detail report
  • Re-order summary report
  • Requisition Vs Issue report
  • Pending receive report etc.

Since the report module is parameterized, different types of report can be generated using different parameters. Common parameters are:
  • Date-wise
  • Item-wise
  • Location-wise
  • User-wise
  • Category-wise
  • Item condition-wise etc.