CNS Limited's Human Resource Management Systems

  •    CNS' Point Of Sale System is designed to be easy to access whilst also being secure from any cybersecurity threat.

  •    Our system is able to process and authorise transactions and sales within seconds.

  •    Many businesses across Bangladesh already make use of our dynamic and adaptable Point of Sale system.

To meet the ever-growing demands of ambitious retailers, CNS has developed a leading Point of Sale (POS) system that can be installed and ready to use within 24 hours of purchase. The POS system plays a critical role as the central component of your business, it is designed to be the central hub where everything comes together in a single convenient location.

CNS’ POS includes sales tracking, inventory management, employee management and customer relation modules alongside standard modules such as revenue calculators and receipt tracking tools. Ease of use is at the centre of our system design philosophy and therefore, our team has worked to ensure that the system is as user friendly as possible.

As with all of CNS’ products, our Point of Sale (POS) software systems are engineered to be accessible, intuitive and secure. Our POS has already seen great success, having been implemented across a wide range of sectors and industries. Our system is an adaptable, easy to use and an effective way to conduct online transactions.

POS Modules

  •    Revenue Calculator

    The most basic function of the POS system, the Revenue Calculator will track inflows and outflows across your business. From sales to inventory purchases the calculator will generate gross cashflow figures across any time period specified. Live calculations are also provided, giving you the ability to track your revenue in real time throughout the day. Beyond this there are tools to help make decisions, you can alter product sales prices as well as inventory stocking costs and the calculator will generate the predicted impact on revenue that would follow these changes.

  •    Sales Tracking Module

    The Sales Tracking Module builds upon the functions performed by the Revenue Calculator to provide you with a host of tools to analyse the collected data. It allows you to track trends, which products are selling the best and which products are performing worse, over any given time period. Additionally, you can analyse which sales staff are performing best, who is connecting best with the customer as well as which times of day correspond the most footfall.

  •    Receipt Generation and Archiving Automation

    This tool will allow for the automation of all receipts, invoices, and related documents generation for sales as well as archiving copies of these documents in a secure location. Consequently, this will help streamline your accountancy and auditing operations; making it easier for you to keep a track on any documents required for the completion of your companies' accounts or auditing processes.

  •    Inventory Management Module

    The Inventory Management Module allows you to keep tabs on your stock. Features include organising Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) numbers as well as CNS’ Inventory Management System which, using a series of innovative technologies, will track the physical location of your stock across your organisations in various locations; allowing you to know what you have and where. Beyond this, it is possible to configure the POS so that you place stock orders through it, with the system automatically generating and sending the necessary paperwork for the supplier before processing the payment to them.

  •    Employee Management Module

    The Employee Management Module encompass several key features of CNS’ Human Recourse Management System (HRMS) system, providing you with the tools to create employee development strategies to boost sales. This ranges from identifying who needs further training and who is best placed to train them to develop reward schemes for that all important employee of the month as well as calculating the impact of staff changes on sales and much more. Additionally more standard features such as emailing shift schedules and work notices to employees are also built into the system.

  •    Customer Relation Module

    This system provides an inbuilt platform for collecting data on your customers. The Customer Relation Module allows you to register customer details, linking them with the relevant loyalty scheme if they have subscribed to one, and collate data on them over time. This will help you in planning loyalty schemes and retaining customers by better understanding their habits. CNS’ POS then takes these data analysis functions a step further, providing tools to collect and analyse data across whole groups of people, helping you identify key customer demographics so that you can develop an informed sales strategy toward them.

  •    Cloud Based POS

    CNS’ POS system comes as a cloud-based system, meaning that you can stay up to date with the latest security updates and technology innovations. The cloud also provides varying levels of data storage options, allowing you to scale your data package to match your needs. CNS provides 24/7 support to all of its customers and with a long history in cloud management you can trust us to keep your business online.

CNS Technology

The POS is based on our experience in pioneering digital revenue collection systems in Bangladesh, which has vastly increased the efficiency of online revenues across the country, our talented software developers have developed the POS system for commercial and other non-governmental entities.

Drawing on this history of large-scale revenue collection system development, CNS’s POS has been designed to include industry leading functionalities that are often excluded from your standard Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) systems. This includes sales tracking, inventory management, employee management and customer tracking modules alongside standard modules such as revenue calculators and receipt tracking tools.

The POS system can be configured to be fully compliant with the resident data protection laws that your organisation operates under. Robust systems protect data integrity, keeping personal as well as other information safe and secure. CNS’ expertise in data management and analysis has also been translated into the POS with tools provided to help properly store and archive data collected. Our developers operate at ISO 27001 and as such our systems are designed with to uphold the highest level of Information Security Management.

Cyber-security is an integral component of the POS which features built-in countermeasures to deter cybersecurity threats along with key data protection safeguards. The POS itself is robust system, built to CMMi Level 5 standards, that has been specifically designed with the complex requirements of modern retail in mind. Like all of our products it's possible for the POS to be purchased, installed and fully operational in within 24 hours, ensuring that your organisation can enjoy the benefits of using our innovative system almost immediately.