CNS is excited to announce the signing of a new contract to deliver further Digital Transformation at the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA). CNS Deputy Managing Director Mr Ikram Iqbal signed the contract to deliver the project to “Customize, Design, Develop, Test, Debug, Upgrade and Implement existing Online Web Based Digitalization Management System Application in BRTA Headquarters & Extending it to 7 (Seven) Divisional Head Quarters”.

This contract further builds upon the longstanding service delivery provided by CNS to the BRTA which first started in 2010 with the introduction of the flagship BRTA National Vehicle Database. The National Vehicle Database and accompanying information system manage the administering of traffic registration on a countrywide basis, including managing vehicle ownership, routes, and related permits. These systems later served as a basis for the introduction of the National Vehicle Tax and Fee Collection System delivered by CNS since 2011, a solution that has had a substantial impact on revenue collection. Following these successes CNS has implemented a range of other services further enhancing the BRTA’s Digital Transformation over the rest of the decade.

As the BRTA continues to be a global pioneer of digitalization as a means to enhancing roads administration, CNS took part in the bidding process to deliver the Web Based Digitalization Management System Application, successfully being awarded the contract. This project will feature the implementation of an enhanced version of CNS’ Document Management System (DMS), customized and tailored to the BRTA’s specific project requirements. CNS’ DMS has an extensive history, first being implemented in 2010 with successive product versions being developed and upgraded in subsequent implementations over the following years. CNS’ DMS has previously handled over 50 million documents in a single implementation, allowing for the instant retrieval of information as required by operators from the DMS database, a database that can be hosted either at the CNS Tower or at the Client Site.

CNS now looks forward to delivering this important project for our valued client.

Left to right: CNS Deputy Managing Director Mr Ikram Iqbal with the Bangladesh Road Transport Authorities Director of Operations Mr Lokman Hossain Mollah.