The CNS Tower is not the only facility that CNS has had under construction over the last few months. As part of a long-anticipated extension to our existing suite of Transport Solutions CNS is excited to announce the excellent progress at the upcoming national Vehicle Inspection Centre (VIC) at Mirpur, Dhaka. As part of a contract to deliver a national Vehicle Inspection System (VIS) CNS teams have been managing the construction of the VIC Facility whilst CNS’ Software Engineers are working to deliver the software component of the project. With the objective of providing a rigorous inspection process to determine individual vehicle fitness the VIC, and accompanying VIS software, will allow the government to enforce vehicle fitness standards, thus enhancing road safety.

The VIC is being developed by leveraging our multi-decade experience in transport solutions to ensure not only a successful project delivery, but effective Digital Transformation for the Government and people of Bangladesh. The VIS solution will be fully integrated with the CNS designed, developed, and operated National Vehicle Registration Database, as well as the National Vehicle Tax and Fee Collection systems, ensuring a joined up, intelligent national transportation administration system. Projected to open in October of this year, the VIC will be another example of how effective Digital Transformation can deliver a safer, more prosperous society.

We look forward to welcoming drivers and their vehicles to the VIC this year.

 Construction of the National Vehicle Inspection Centre is underway in Mirpur, Dhaka.