Following the start of construction at the new Vehicle Inspection Centre (VIC) in Mirpur Dhaka, CNS has continued to propel the progress of this long-anticipated extension to our existing suite of Transport Solutions.

Under the contract to deliver the national Vehicle Inspection System (VIS) CNS teams had already broken ground on the construction of the VIC Facility several months ago and now CNS is excited to announce that this first phase has been substantially completed. As such CNS Engineers recently started the installation of hardware, accompanied with onsite software testing, as CNS works to bring this important project to fruition. Designed to provide rigorous inspection processes for evaluating vehicle fitness levels the VIC, and the VIS software, will allow the government to enforce vehicle fitness standards which, in turn, will enhance road safety. With the project moving into the final phases as the delivery of key equipment, that will turn the VIC into a reality, arrive on site, CNS Engineers have had the exciting opportunity to live test the VIS software solution. This is allowing for final configurations, as well as QA processes, to be undertaken in the real-life application environment.

Once the final tests have been completed, as the hardware and software are fully integrated, any final changes will then be implemented. The project is on track for the VIC to be ready for operation in October. Delivering on the promise of enforcing vehicle standards, the VIC will be another example of what effective Digital Transformation can deliver.