For over 30 years CNS has provided extensive IT solutions to a range of public sector organisations at all levels of government, including at a national level. Three decades of proven Digital Transformation have been honed into developing over 20 proven off-the-shelf products for the public sector that are in operation across government clients today. Now, building upon this extensive and well trusted experience, CNS is excited to announce the launch of a CNS Enterprise Range of 18 products as off-the-shelf ready to go solutions for the private sector.

Converted to the dynamic requirements of private sector organisations, the development of the CNS Enterprise Range has been in the works since even before the opening of The CNS Tower. Built to our accredited and proven quality, these COTS products have been built with live feedback from partners already delivering to clients across private sector domains. Designed with their requirements in mind, we look forward to providing Digital Transformation to private enterprise across the world. The initial CNS Enterprise Range will include the following COTS products:

In addition to these off-the-shelf products CNS is also looking forward to providing tailored RFID, Business Intelligence, Reporting and Analytics as well as additional data related services to our valued private sector clients. Find out more today by requesting a brochure from CNS today.