CNS recently provided a prototype demonstration to Sadharan Bima Corporation (SBC) of the latest version of CNS’ Financial Accounting System (FAS). The prototype demonstration took place at the Bangladesh Insurance Sector Development Project (BISDP) office in Dhaka with the FAS to be delivered as a part of the ongoing implementation of CNS’ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution at SBC. Procured under the World Back supported project package G-4 “Supply, Installation and Customization of Basic automation including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Grievance and Complaint Redressal and Email Systems for IDRA, JBC, SBC and BIA” CNS will be providing the latest version of our ERP solution to a number of organizations.

CNS’ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution is a Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) product that serves to empower organisations and enhance their operational efficiency. Instituted in a number of organisations, including Government Entities, this solution serves to provide all the key modules for administration, management, and accounting in one effective platform. Included in the CNS ERP Solution are a number of CNS’ premier software systems including the FAS solution.

CNS’ Financial Accounting System is a centralized architecture that standardizes accounting, intercompany processing, and transactional activities across an entire enterprise, all built to work together on a unified information architecture. The existing version of CNS’ FAS solution was developed for the automation of over 50 modules at Chittagong Port Authority from 2019 and at that time the FAS solution proved capable of handling the extensive demands of one of the world’s busiest ports. Today, the upcoming release of the latest version of CNS’ FAS Solution the system will feature key enhancements that enable it to efficiently manage the intricacies of the global insurance industry. To this effect that the recent prototype of the FAS that was demonstrated to SBC was a key milestone as we deliver this important project. Thanks to all the participants and CNS team members who took part.

The team delivers a prototype demonstration of the CNS Financial Accounting System to Sadharan Bima Corporation.