The whole of the CNS team would like to wish our clients, partners and fellow team members a Happy New Year. As we look forward to CNS’ 30th anniversary later this year and the opening of the CNS Global Development Centre at the CNS Tower the beginning of the year is always a good time to reflect upon the success and lessons of the last.

2021 was a great year both for CNS and for our home country of Bangladesh. The country continues its remarkable journey as a ‘role model for development’ with an economy recovering strongly from the Covid-19 Pandemic while Digital Bangladesh continues to serve as a global model for large scale government digitalization efforts.

At CNS we enjoyed similar success as we broke ground on the construction of the CNS Tower, launched our expansion into new markets in Africa as well as strengthened our network of partners and clients around the world. We gained new insights into the international market and how a one size fits all does not actually fit all. Rather we learnt how a tailored viewpoint working with strong local partners can help develop a joined-up approach steeped in local understanding ensuring project success. Building upon these lessons in our new markets we look forward to a successful 2022 as we build upon the lessons of Digital Bangladesh on a global scale.

We wish you all a Happy New Year and we look forward to working with you.